January 2018

 Rooted Updates

Design Updates

  • Current Building Fund balance totaling approximately $1.2 million.
  • Design Team in final stages of securing a project manager.
  • Remaining pledge balances totaling approximately $1.5 million.
  • Planning to break ground Spring of 2018
  • Campaign is ongoing! Make checks payable to CPC; designate “Rooted” or CPC Building Fund in the memo line. You can also give online by clicking the “Giving” button above. Please contact CPC Administrator, David Dixon, at david@chrispresoxford.org for other types of giving options (e.g. stocks, real estate, etc).
  • If you have any questions or input for the Design Team, please email design@christpreoxford.org.

Congregation Meeting | August 13, 2017

Click on the image above to view the presentation given Sunday, August 13, 2017. Click below to listen to the audio.


Congregation Meeting | May 21, 2017

Click on the image above to view the presentation given Sunday, May 21, 2017. Click below to listen to the audio.

Vote Results (129 ballots cast):

Project Budget Projection
Authorize the session to approve a project budget that may require borrowing up to 4.5 million dollars of the project cost and, depending upon interest rates and loan terms, lead to long term debt of around 4.8 million dollars.

Vote: Passed, by 95.3%

Pulpit Committee Selection for Senior Pastor
Authorized the session to propose a pulpit committee slate for consideration by the congregation in a vote on June 11th.

Vote: Passed, by 94.6%

Welcome to ROOTED, an exciting and pivotal time in the history of CPC. While we celebrate the goodness of God to and through our church over the last 20 years, ROOTED is about trusting God with our future!

Just as a tree begins with a seed, so our church grew from a handful of families and an RUF pastor, who sought to establish a Bible-focused PCA church within the city of Oxford. Our church began its life literally underground – in the basement of one of its members. This was our first temporary home where fewer than 10 families met for Bible study on Sunday evenings.

After one short year, God had more than doubled our membership, forcing us into a larger space, the gymnasium at Oxford University School. There the vision flourished as we began outreach events, inviting anyone and everyone to church.

Then, just as God loves to do, He answered the prayers of a handful of families by providing the perfect long term location in the heart of the city near the schools. It was there in the old Oxford skating rink that our church really grew in ministry, members, and vision. Through that transition and 20 year history, we’ve proven that we are a church that’s more about
people than the place. We want to continue to be a home for those who have found hope in Christ, and a place where that hope is offered to all. We are a church that wants to stand boldly on the word while reaching out to the lost.

Please consider prayerfully whether or not the Lord would have you join us financially in our ROOTED campaign.  We desire to continue ministry in this area for many, many years (or until Jesus comes back) and welcome your help in making that desire a reality in a new place.

If you would like to give, please click the “Giving” button on our menu, and/or if you would like to visit about the campaign or building plans, Curt or one of the other elders (Johnny Barrett, Clay Dabbs, Toby Griggs, Steve Redding, Doug Sanford, Ward Toler, and Lee Tyner) would be happy to talk with you. Contact Curt at 662.234.3399 or email him at curt@christpresoxford.org.

Rooted. from micah on Vimeo.


 Charrette Audio

Listen to audio from the design Charrette Forum held on November 12, 2016 below.

For questions regarding the Charrette and/or the design process, contact James Harper at james@harperwhitwell.com.



Click image above to view our Congregational Meeting presentation presented on October 30, 2016 and/or listen to audio from this meeting below.



Click image above to download our New Building Update presentation and/or play audio below of Congregational Meeting, given on October 9, 2016.

A congregational vote was held on October 9, 2016 to finalize the remainder of the Design Team that will be interacting directly with our architects. CPC’s Design Team members are as follows:

  • CHAIR: James Harper
  • PROFESSIONAL: Howorth & Associates and LS3P
  • ELDER: Lee Tyner
  • DEACON: Errol Sayre
    • Ev Barrett
    • Les Newsom
    • Doug Sanford
    • Amanda Tollison
  • STAFF SUPPORT: Susan Tyner