Open Music Rehearsals Set to Begin: We will begin having open music rehearsals Wednesday nights 5:30-6:30 in the sanctuary starting March 30.  All singers and instrumentalists high school age and older are welcome.  Bring your voice or your instrument and come play to God’s glory in an informal jam session.  This is for people who just want a place to play or for those who want to build their skills.  We want to provide a place for people to grow in musicianship and in worship.  Hymn numbers and PDFs of other songs will be provided ahead of time. 
What will we do? We will begin by choosing introductions and transitions for each song that we will sing on Sunday. We will then play through all of the music from start to finish. Our hope is to plan first, worship second.
What if I’m not a strong singer? Come! You can use this time to build skills and to get to know the songs and hymns we will be singing as a body on Sunday.
What if I’m a beginning instrumentalist? Come! We will provide music for you to play off of and you can watch others who are learning, too.
I used to play an instrument, but I’m out of practice, is this for me? Yes! Come play what you can and build your skills back up.
I’m an accomplished player or singer but I’m not sure I can commit to anything right now, is it worth coming? Yes! Come when you can–no commitment necessary.
What if I play a non-traditional instrument? Come! This would be a good time to try it out and see how it might fit.
Email Jamie Peterson at with questions. We look forward to building our worship skills together to God’s glory!

Our hope at CPC is to see our members and friends glorifying and enjoying God in corporate, family, and individual worship that is grounded in His Word. We hope to accomplish this through worship that:

  • EXALTS God
  • EDIFIES and INSTRUCTS His people
  • ENGAGES the heart, soul, and mind
  • REFLECTS His Kingdom
  • BLESSES the community

Specific avenues through which we seek to accomplish these things are:

  • Corporate worship on Sunday mornings and evenings
  • Special services such as our Christmas Eve and Tenebrae (Good Friday) services
  • Special concerts and seminars
  • Providing materials to promote personal devotionals and family worship

We need people to help us accomplish through using their gifts as:

  • Vocalists
  • Instrumentalists
  • Sound Technicians
  • Greeters
  • Children Worship Volunteers
  • Communion Preparers

To find out more about serving with the Exaltation Team, contact Jamie Peterson at