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Worship Arts Director

Christ Presbyterian Church (CPC) seeks a Worship Arts Director (WAD) who embraces and pursues a biblical, Reformed worship style that is joyful, participatory, and Gospel-infused, and that seeks to exalt and honor God in his holiness, beauty, and sovereignty, and that celebrates our union with Him. The WAD should possess a well-conceived and nuanced theology of worship that is grounded in Scripture and practice. The WAD should be a growing, Gospel-motivated believer in Christ who seeks to live a life that honors God and is above reproach both in public and in private. We warmly welcome applications from both women and people of color.

Job Title: Worship Arts Director
Position Type: Full-time preferred, to ideally begin January 2020
Compensation: Based on skill, need, and availability of church resources
Reports To: Senior Pastor

Qualifications and Experience:


  1. Exhibits gifts of leadership, communication, and management with a heart to serve others.
  2. Demonstrates a shepherd’s heart to develop and encourage others towards spiritual maturity, artistic excellence, and lives of God-centered worship.
  3. Has experience leading rehearsals and directing groups of vocalists and instrumentalists for the purpose of leading congregational worship, winsomely encouraging improvement and excellence.
  4. Adaptable to the growing needs of CPC and the gifts that are available within the congregation.

Understanding of Biblical Worship

  1. Possesses a well-developed and well-informed theological approach to worship, and a good understanding of worship within the Reformed tradition.
  2. Able to communicate the Gospel message clearly and personably to both seasoned and young Christians, as well as non-believers.
  3. [Seminary training is a plus.]

Musical Abilities and Technical Competency

  1. Possesses a bachelor’s degree (preferably in Music) and has demonstrated competency and experience in leading music for church services.
  2. Mastery on at least one instrument appropriate for leading congregational worship. [Competency in at least a second instrument, piano skills, or voice are a plus.]
  3. Able to sight-read, improvise from lead sheets, and arrange and score music appropriate for multiple instruments/voices. [Composing experience is a plus.]
  4. Competency with computer programs for orchestration and digital arrangements for sheet music (e.g., MuseScore, Finale, or Sibelius).
  5. Familiarity with sound systems and attentiveness to acoustic matters are important. [Digital media editing, publishing, and social media skills are a plus.]

Job Description and Responsibilities:

Guard and grow CPC's worship philosophy and praxis
  1. Create and cultivate a worshipful environment at CPC that emphasizes the Gospel, particularly for Sunday services.
  2. Help develop and model a vibrant corporate vision of worship in a way that invigorates a redemptive imagination of CPC congregants.
  3. Continually learn and study music and the worship arts.
  4. Set the agenda for and lead CPC’s "Exaltation Team" monthly meetings, using the team as a sounding board, support system, and aid in shepherding the vision of worship at CPC. Work with the team to set and keep a budget.
  5. Fruitfully teach the congregation about 'worship’ as a spiritual discipline, and grow CPC resources on biblical worship.
  6. Intentionally grow CPC’s worship to better reflect the racial and ethnic diversity in our community and Christ’s Kingdom.
  7. Maintain an outward-faced ministry that helps connect CPC with the local arts/music community in Oxford.
Be responsible for CPC’s corporate worship
  1. Work with the pastoral staff to construct the weekly service and printed worship bulletin, being especially responsible for ensuring that all musical and aesthetic aspects of worship services are well crafted and holistically aligned with the preached word and presented in the bulletin.
  2. Coordinate logistics, communication, recruitment, training, and rehearsals of musicians, vocalists, and relevant church volunteers and staff to ensure that worship services are consistently and excellently executed.
  3. Recruit and enlarge the community of people involved in worship at CPC; help members of this community realize and develop their gifts, in service to the larger church body.
  4. Select and score/arrange music appropriate for CPC worship service needs.
  5. Participate instrumentally and/or vocally during worship services, as needed.
  6. As needed, assist with other musical/worship needs and events such VBS, Wednesday night programs, etc. Help plan and execute special services on the church calendar.
Ensure that technical aspects of the worship service are conducted with excellence and with a focus on fruitfulness
  1. Coordinate and direct A/V personnel, and ensure that all aspects of sound and lighting during worship services are consistently excellent and conducive for a worshipful experience.
  2. Perform regular assessments of CPC’s worship experience and fruitfulness, and seek to implement improvements as needed.
  3. Maintain music library and inventory of all musical equipment and instruments, and oversee copyright compliance.
Other responsibilities based on qualifications and needs as will be appropriate for a full-time position


Upload the following items, making sure your full name is in the filename of anything you upload:
  1. Cover letter explaining your interest and fit for the position (please include your contact information)
  2. Resume/CV — please include a list of 3-5 references (with contact information)
  3. File(s) of your choosing that will help the committee gauge fit and qualifications for this position (e.g., this may include mp3 or mp4 files exhibiting your work, documents summarizing your approach to worship, a file of hyperlinks to your work or videos, etc.)

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You will get an email confirming receipt of your application once your materials have been processed.
Applications received by October 1, 2019 will receive full consideration, although we will review applications until the position is filled, preferably by December 15, 2019.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Erik Hom (Chair of Search Committee) at