The Building Team protects and promotes the worship and work of CPC through the care, upkeep, and enhancement of the church’s property, facilities, and grounds.

People often use terms like “church family” or “church home” to talk about CPC. And while we don’t believe a building makes us a church, we desire to have a place that honors God and serves our members—our church family—well.

Our ministry areas include:

  • Management of Church Property: Our team serves our current facility on University Avenue as well as the Sisk Avenue property.
  • Management of Facilities: Upkeep of the physical building
    • Tasks and projects include:
      • Cleaning the facilities
      • Tidying up classrooms
      • Repairing chairs and pews
      • Painting Sunday school rooms
      • Replacing ceiling tiles
      • Building bookshelves
  • Management of Grounds: Care and beautification of the church grounds
    • Tasks and projects include:
      • Mulching playground
      • Cleaning exterior windows
      • Cutting grass

Serve our church family by caring for our church building

We are always working to improve our building while more efficiently using the church’s resources.  If you are interested in getting involved, have suggestions, or would like to discuss any aspect of our ministry, please contact Mark Levy and the Building Team at