Our mission is to provide men and women opportunities and resources so that they may be grounded in the Word of God, grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ, and be transformed into Kingdom disciples. (Luke 2:52; II Peter 3:18; Romans 12:2; and Psalm 1)

Fall Adult Sunday School

9:15 a.m.

Parables in the Gospel of Matthew:

Pastor/Scholar James Montgomery Boice said, “Some sections of the Bible give us grand theology. Some move us to grateful responses to God. But the parables break through mere words and make us ask whether there has indeed been any real difference in our lives. And isn’t this what we should expect, since the parables come from the lips of Jesus.” Come join us for a study of the parables in the Gospel of Matthew as we will explore what difference Jesus has made and should make in our lives. Taught by Clay Dabbs and Jamie Peterson

The Gospel…according to Elijah & Elisha:

Decline of a nation; undoing of the good; abuse of power; idolatry in the land; forgetfulness of a people. This is what characterized Israel in the days of the Old Testament prophets Elijah and Elisha.  And yet—the relentless pursuit of a loving God; awesome displays of His presence in their midst; mighty saving acts on behalf of His people. This is the other part of Israel’s story—and ours too. This fall come walk with Elijah and Elisha as they show us in surprising (and sometimes shocking) ways God’s presence and power—both to confront sinners and preserve His people. Taught by Melvin Manickavasagam and Steve Redding

If you have questions about these classes or anything else, please contact Jamie Peterson at jamie@christpresoxford.org.

Brown Bag Theology:

Tuesdays, 12.10—12.50 PM, CPC Conference Room

This lunch-time study is open to anyone who wants to dig deep into the Scriptures and serves as a place to discuss questions about Christianity and the Bible. We’ll address a topic and then open it up for Q&A after that.t. BYOL and join us. For more information, contact Melvin Manickavasagam, melvin@christpresoxford.org


Eschatology: Where is History Headed?

August 30—November 15, 2016

“Uncertainty” could probably be the word of the day. From financial outlooks to political climates, nationally and globally, most live with “I don’t know what’s going to happen” or “I wonder how things are going to play out?”

Biblical eschatology or the doctrine of last things should not paralyze us with fear nor provoke mere speculation In our fall series, we’ll be taking a deeper look at this part of Christian theology, and why Christians (of all people) can have a certain yet hopeful, view of the future.

Please contact James Harper jdh@jamesharperlaw.com or Jamie Peterson Jamie@christpresoxford.org with any questions regarding Adult Education.