Our mission is to provide men and women opportunities and resources so that they may be grounded in the Word of God, grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ, and be transformed into Kingdom disciples. (Luke 2:52; II Peter 3:18; Romans 12:2; and Psalm 1)

Summer Adult Sunday School

Beginning Sunday, June 5 at 9:15 a.m., all adults will be meeting in the sanctuary for Sunday School for the months of June, July, and August. Our slate for this summer is as follows:

June – “The Gospel and Work” from Tim Keller’s book Every Good Endeavor. As the title suggests, this class will focus on what difference Christ and the Gospel play in our daily occupations. Taught by Jamie Peterson

July – “Biblical Peacemaking” from Ken Sande’s book The Peacemaker. Conflict with others is something with which we all struggle, but as Christ’s church we are called to be peacemakers. This class will focus on what the Bible teaches us about this important matter. Taught by James Harper and Lee Tyner

August – “The Why, What, and How of Building a Church Building”. In order to help best prepare and equip the members of CPC for what lies ahead in our church building program, this class will focus on CPC’s strategic plan (the “why”), church architecture (the “what”), and biblical stewardship (the “how”). This class will be taught by members of CPC’s session.

If you have questions about these classes or anything else, please contact Jamie Peterson at jamie@christpresoxford.org.

Spring Adult Sunday School

March 13—May 29, 2016,CPC Annex

Galatians – Getting a Grip on the Gospel

It has been said that the Gospel is like a bar of soap in that it has the power to make us clean and presentable before God our Creator, yet at the same, without careful attention to it, we can easily loose our grip on it.

Such was the case with the church in Galatian to whom Paul wrote this letter. They were a church made of people to whom he had proclaimed the Gospel, who had put their faith in Christ alone, but yet had seemed to loose their grip on the Gospel of grace that had saved them.

Join us in our study of Galatians as we seek to strengthen our grip on the Gospel of grace in the midst of a world that tells us that Christ is not enough and how to live according to the grace we have in Him. Taught by Hunter Brewer and Jamie Peterson.


How does a Christian live in a culture that seems bent on undermining everything he or she believes in or holds to be true? If you’ve ever asked that one time or another, the Old Testament book of Daniel is a good place to go. We may think we have it bad, but Daniel had it far worse. Yet he stood firm–and we are called to the same.

This spring, come study the book of Daniel with us and see what the life of faith under pressure looks like—and the faithful God who is more than able to preserve His people. Taught by Melvin Manickavasagam & Steve Redding

Daniel – Structural Outline

Daniel Overview

Brown Bag Theology

August 25—November 17, 2015

Tuesdays @ noon, CPC Conference Room

“Can I Trust the Bible?”

A weekly teaching series exploring some of the foundations of Christianity, Christians talk about the Bible as their sole basis for what  they believe in and what directs their lives. But what is the Bible really? If the Bible is God’s Word, how were human authors involved? Are there errors in the Bible? Why are some books included while others aren’t? And what’s the deal with so many translations?

If you’ve ever wondered or know people who are skeptical about the Bible and are interested in learning more, join us on Tuesdays to explore potential answers to these questions.  We will meet in the Conference Room, begin promptly at 12.10 PM and end at 12.50 PM. Q&A follows for any who can stay. All are welcome–bring a lunch and join us!

If you need further information, contact Melvin Manickavasagam (melvin@christpresoxford.org).

Please contact James Harper jdh@jamesharperlaw.com or Jamie Peterson Jamie@christpresoxford.org with any questions regarding Adult Education.