Pulpit Committee | Deadline for Nominations, May 28, 2017

The Session is taking nominations for the Pulpit Committee until this Sunday, May 28th. Please email the names of any CPC members you would like to nominate to Curt at curt@christpresoxford.org or you can call (662.234.3399) or stop by the church office and leave your nominations with Katrina.

Qualities for those nominated should include:

  • Fruit of the Spirit
  • Discerning and mature
  • Involved in CPC ministries
  • Understands, aligns, and supports CPC’s vision
  • Availability beginning immediately

The Session will announce the Pulpit Committee slate by June 4th and then we will have a congregational vote on the Pulpit Committee slate on June 11th.

Congregation Meeting | May 21, 2017

Click on the image above to view the presentation given Sunday, May 21, 2017. Click below to listen to the audio.

Vote Results (129 ballots cast):

Project Budget Projection
Authorize the session to approve a project budget that may require borrowing up to 4.5 million dollars of the project cost and, depending upon interest rates and loan terms, lead to long term debt of around 4.8 million dollars.

Vote: Passed, by 95.3%

Pulpit Committee Selection for Senior Pastor
Authorized the session to propose a pulpit committee slate for consideration by the congregation in a vote on June 11th.

Vote: Passed, by 94.6%


Adult Sunday School – 9:15 a.m

Adult Spring Sunday School Quarter

Parables in the Gospel of Matthew
Come join us for a study of the parables in the Gospel of Matthew as we will explore what difference Jesus has made and should make in our lives. Taught by Clay Dabbs; meets in first room on the left of the annex.

The Gospel according to Elijah & Elisha (1& 2 Kings)
Walk through the Elijah and Elisha stories, which animate the good news of Jesus for us. They portray God’s people (mostly unflatteringly) and the God who confronts sinners and preserves the faithful. Taught by Steve Redding & Melvin Manickavasagam; meets in the sanctuary.

If you have questions about these classes or anything else, please contact Curt Presley at curt@christpresoxford.org.