Adult Sunday School | Summer 2018


Praying With Paul

How can prayer ever become the “same ‘ol, same ‘ol”? It is talking with God after all! Yet many of us tend to find prayer boring, repetitive—perhaps even uninteresting. We need to be exposed to the priorities of prayer, a God-centered framework for prayer and practices for a more meaningful prayer life. Join us as we learn together from the apostle Paul. Video series taught by D.A. Carson with facilitated discussion.

Led by Gray Flora





Our Family History

Santayana’s “Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it” holds true even for the history of the church. Many Christians today are unaware that much of how we think and live has been shaped by people and events more than 1500 years ago. Join us as we journey to the time right after the close of the New Testament and learn about our present by looking at our past. Ligonier video teaching series with facilitated discussion.

Led by Melvin Manickavasagam